Diffusion Clamp

I designed and built this clamp to fill a void left by manufacturers. The most popular of all lights today, the LED panel, is a harsh light and very unflattering for interviews. The only soft boxes available for these lights are to small to give the soft wraparound that for years have created quality interviews, so I made my own system.

The Diffusion Clamp is a simple grip that when used in conjunction with existing grips and collapsible diffuser will completely change the look of the interviews as well as any other productions that require soft lighting. This system was designed specifically for those ENG cameramen/DP like myself who want to create the best work without spending too much money. It takes just minutes to set-up, it doesn't require additional light stands and is a blessing for those who want to create top quality interviews and still stay withinthe time and budgets limitations that we all face today. 

This clamp was for my own personal use but as the news got around I got inundated with requests of cameramen like myself who want to get one. I'm not in the manufacturing business but I found a retired metal fabricator that can make them inexpensively.

The $95.00 for the clamps is a true bargain for what it can do for you. You will also need to add existing grip to make it work, something that most likely you already have. The total out of pocket cost if you have to get the grips and the collapsible diffuser will be around $280.00. The estimated cost for the extras is based on the B&H Video web listings.

The Diffusion clamp can also be used as an adjustable directional holder for collapsible or rigid reflectors. 

Not a bad deal when compared to $240.oo for just a Litepanel small softbox.

Diffuser combined1.jpg


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